nablopomo, day 12

promise i’ll be a little more exciting tomorrow.  maybe. 

here i am…slightly more clear headed than last night, but still wiped out.  beanie is napping, and babycakes is having a field day playing with toys beanie won’t let her play with when she’s around.  if i could just put my head down for a few minutes….   zzzz….

 This morning i realized that i don’t have to clean-clean my house til christmas.  just the every day stuff – the sweeping and the wiping surfaces, but i won’t have to put any of my piles of half-finished stuff away for 6 more weeks.  that made me relax a little more. 

because grammie stayed over last night, i also had the chance to get out for a few hours by myself this a.m. to blow the proceeds of yesterday on new supplies for old ideas,  some new supplies for new ideas, and some supplies i wanted “just because”.  i got to wander around a little, and got a carmel apple cider at starbucks for Pixie (see previous) .  p.s., i might be a little caffeinated today. 

 the girls are nursing colds, hunny wants to get outside to clear gutters and chop brush and is a little disappointed that it’s dark at 4:30… so here we are, just plugging along.  babycakes just collapsed because she didn’t get a nap today.  grammie couldn’t listen to her fuss a little before she fell asleep, so she didn’t leave her in her crib very long (2 minutes, perhaps??).  i’m thinking about boosting up the heat a little, cuz beanie is wearing her fleece winter hat.  and on tonight’s menu for me:  popcorn, made on the stove.

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One Comment on “mundane.”

  1. o-no Says:

    i had popcorn made in the microwave tonight…..

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