not tonight, dear.

tonight i’m going to bed before midnight.  mean it.  maybe even before 9pm.  we did my in-home craft show, and i’ve decided it’s the way to go.  i didn’t have to pay a fee for the space (other than my mortgage!), i didn’t have to deal with annoying vendors (pointy danglies, titi???), and i made more money than i ever made at any show…. and one of the best parts is that grammie is staying tonight, and i’m gonna take my profits to the crafty stores in the a.m. to go get more supplies!  woot!

that’s one more down, 3 more to go for the season.  this past week i’ve been wondering if it’s worth it.  it’s so much work, and i freak out a little.  i enjoy making things, and i enjoy a few smackers for dunkin donuts, but this week it really turned into work.  though i suppose if i only “work” a couple weeks a year, i’ll take it….

do you ever just wonder “why am i knocking myself out?  is this fun any more?”

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One Comment on “not tonight, dear.”

  1. It will all be better after a good night’s sleep. I think you genuinely enjoy the creative outlet, and that the sales are the price you pay to be a working artist. It sounds like it was a huge success!

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