it’s not tomorrow if i haven’t been to bed – the sequel

more of the same, busy busy busy.  getting ready for my in-home craft show tomorrow.  in-home, like IN MY HOME.  *sigh*  i guess it’s one of those things i will never be actually *ready* for, there’s always more to do…. but i kinda bring it on myself.  instead of clearing out the dining room like i had intended to do this morning, i started making napkin rings for the first time.  why?  because it sounded fun, and it had been on my mind.  and it was very important.  so here it is, almost 1a.m., and the dining room is just now taking shape.  i am exhausted after working all weekend and getting ready for this.  more tomorrow (today?) (later?).  hopefully the news will be good, and i’ll be a zillionaire.  i hope i’ve made enough napkin rings…

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One Comment on “it’s not tomorrow if i haven’t been to bed – the sequel”

  1. Not a napkin ring fan, but _those_ are cute.

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