it’s not tomorrow if i haven’t been to bed….

it’s 1a.m. and i’m at work…. i came here to get some stuff done, because i can’t do anything crafty that involves anything potentially messy til at least 8:30p.m. at home…  after the girlies are in bed, and the dishes are done, and i move this over here, and i think about this, and i check my email, and on and on….  so anyway, i came to work.  i completed 6 perpetual calendars, and actually went on the clock for a couple hours.  i figured that since it was a slow night, i could stand at the counter and get paid to do what i was gonna sit in the back doing anyway, and the ladies could go home an hour or 2 early. win-win!! 

i know i need to go home and go to bed, and i really am on my way.  after i move this over here, and all that….  actually, i just finished a cup of very strong and bold coffee, i may just push my car home.  i am PUMPED!  so this is nablopomo day 9, an hour or so late, but here just the same!

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One Comment on “it’s not tomorrow if i haven’t been to bed….”

  1. Angie Says:

    Isn’t that the truth? I can’t start anything until the house is quiet and sometimes that isn’t until midnight!

    There is nothing like a quiet house with no one bothering you…….so much gets accomplished.

    The hard part is finding time the next day to sneak in a nap!!

    Good for you.

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