what’s in a name?

nablopomo:  the adventure continues 

confession:  i have a starbucks name.  it’s not my real name, it’s not my internet name, it’s my latte name.  i also have a panera name for my turkey bravo, and a cosi name for my signature salad. 

and they are all different.  i cannot wait for the day when i run into the panera girl and she says, “mimi, how are ya?”  i’m not sure why i do it, but i remember a “will and grace” episode where grace says her starbucks name is “francoise”, so i can’t be the only one.  i look forward to going to places where i can leave my name, whatever name i feel like giving.

 every time i pay with my debit card, i want them to question why the name doesn’t match.  and every time the guy behind the counter bellows “PIXIE???” i giggle to myself.  it’s the little lie i tell.

do you have a starbucks name?

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2 Comments on “what’s in a name?”

  1. Angie Says:

    I love this. Why doesn’t my mind work like this? My brain is so jumbled with just getting through the day that it never comes up with fun stuff like this.

    Maybe b/c I live in a town the size of a pea and everyone already knows me? Can you imagine going in to the feed mill and giving a fake name? They would know I finally went over the edge.

    Have a great day.

  2. Titi Suzy Says:

    Sometimes … I call Chrissy at work as “Trixie from the Westlake Home for Wayward Pugs” … it generally confuses her.
    After all this time giving “Trixie” at Starbucks and for reservations, I don’t even flinch.

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