6 random things about me

i tagged myself.  how ’bout that.  day 6…

#1 i clench my teeth when i sleep.  hard.  so much so that i had tmj for a while in highschool.  couldn’t open my mouth without unhinging my jaw for about a year.  that was awesome.  i went through the whole thing with having a mouthguard made and chewed through the thing in 3 days.

#2 i love all orange foods, i’m pretty sure.  carrots, sweet potatoes, cheetos, macaroni and cheese, creamcicles, etc, etc, etc.

#3  i wake each morning with a different song in my head… i’ve got a few standards, but each day is different from the last.  lately, it’s been a lot of theme songs to the shows beanie enjoys.  backyardigans is extrememly popular this week.  sometimes it’s just a line or a phrase, and sometimes it’s very telling of the state i am in (and not just connecticut).  there was one back when babycakes was just a tiny little cake, that would go round and round in my head when she’d get me up several times a night…. something about being stronger than everyone thinks i am, or something like that… and i hated that song, whatever it was. 

#4  i have a freckle that is exactly where beanie has a freckle (on our backs, left side).

#5  my husband and i have differing opinions on patterned pants on little girls.  i think they are great, he thinks they’re a little too groovy.

#6 ok, i don’t like pumpkin pie, but i would say that’s more of a BROWN food, than an ORANGE food.

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6 Comments on “6 random things about me”

  1. Brigitte Says:

    #6 is just funny ^___^ I have strange jaw issues too, not a lot of fun, I agree.

  2. Geggie Says:

    I don’t like pumpkin pie either, I thought I was the only one.

  3. Emma Says:

    I like patterned pants on girls. Though some of the ones at Children’s Place are a little too funky for my tastes.

    I too would say pumpkin pie is more of a brown food. I don’t mind it, but i prefer pumpkin cheesecake.

  4. Mandy Jo Says:

    I DIG pumpkin pie. And don’t forget Cheez-its! They are orange. I DIG those, too…but oh, this isn’t about me…

  5. Angie Says:

    How about butternut squash? One of my favorites. Also, LOVE patterned pants on little girls – must be a ‘mom’ thing.

    Have a good night.

  6. s'mee Says:

    This is a great list. I love that you like all things orange. Awesome. Thor and I have two separate freckles, on our two separate hands that match up perfectly when we hold both our hands together. (does that make sense?) Any way. there you go.

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