we timed that one right…. kinda.

alternate title:  MAN, mouth wounds bleed a lot!

 nablopomo, (wait, what day is this?!?) day 5!  5 already!!

so ANYWAY… we went to have the girls’ christmas portraits done today.  yes, i do take pictures of them every day, yes, we have 36,000 pictures of them since beanie was born (no exaggaration, for realz!), but i feel like we need the formal portraits done, too….  i like the formality, i like the tradition, i like the stress (?!?!?!)…  i always hire a helper (and by “hire” i mean i pay for lunch), and today titi accepted the challenge. 

  i dress them in the nordstrom’s lounge, cuz it’s pretty and clean in there, and i don’t want their dresses to get crushed in their car seats.  after dressing and hair, we’re off to penney’s!!  we’ve been lucky to get the same photographer most of the time, she’s sweet and so patient with the babies.  today everybody was right on.  the pictures were BEAUTIFUL, everyone looking in the same direction, everyone with sweet faces, and i had a hard time choosing which to choose.  *sigh*  such problems.

so we had a nice lunch, and went to the craft store and headed home to play.   honey built us a rockin’ back sidewalk, and the girls love to run up and down it and play all over it.  (do you see where this is going!?!)  babycakes was playing ball and flipped over it and landed on her face.  the blood, The Blood, omg, TEH BLOOD.  and teh screaming.  wow, poor baby.   she has a fat upper lip, and a road-rashed bottom lip/chin, and she is not “teh happy”.  =(

the portraits were saved, but we’re going to the pediatrian tomorrow for flu shots.  i am sure this bleedy, scabby little face is going to leave an impression, and probably a note in her medical record.

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2 Comments on “we timed that one right…. kinda.”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    OMG! Poor baby! Thank God it happened after the portraits. At least she has her priorities straight.
    And by the way, what the heck is a “rockin’ back sidewalk” ????

  2. Geggie Says:

    Bless her heart. Glad she’s ok. Nothing a popsicle won’t fix, I hope.

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