conversation (??)

nablopomo day #3 – am i gonna make it?

pull into dunkin donuts drivethru:

“i’d like to have a medium peach iced tea with 2 equal”

“medium iced tea with 2 equal??”
“peach iced tea”

“iced tea”

“can i have it flavored?”

“yes! what flavor?”

“peach flavored”

“what flavor?”

beanie from the backseat: “PEACH”

me: PEACH!

QUESTION:  what kind of tea do you think i got?

i hate to also add that i asked for 3 powdered munchkins, and got 4 jelly ones.  but beanie doesn’t complain.  she said “i LOOOOVE jelly *and* munchkins” and proceeded to eat around the jelly, and then put the jelly back in the bag.

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4 Comments on “conversation (??)”

  1. o-no Says:

    see… drive thrus have draw backs……
    i would not have fought beanie for the jelly ones….

  2. Colleen Says:

    Either we go to the same Dunkin Donuts… or they train all of their staff the exact same way!!!

  3. tracy Says:

    you have a wonderful sense of humor, it so true how dunkin donuts hold you hostage at the drive thru.

  4. I have serious DD rage. So bad that there’s really only one I will patronize. The rest are just too awful for words.

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