fridge friday…

nablopomo day #2  (yay, 2 days in a row!)

i’m not giving too much away, cuz it’s always the same stuff in here…. especially on fridays!  i work evenings on the weekends, so i try to have stuff for hunny to feed the babies all weekend (besides goldfish crackers and cereal!).  here’s a dinner for the little ones, and a couple things that we *always* have in stock!!  (seeing as i STILL haven’t figured out who to sleep with to upload more pics here, please click on my fancy little linkie-loo.)

clickie rightie here.

and there you have it, the left hand side of my middle shelf! 

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2 Comments on “fridge friday…”

  1. Wander Says:

    Hi, just visiting all the Fridge Friday participants, thanks for sharing!
    I’d be picking out the pea’s instead of the carrots…lol

  2. Geggie Says:

    Thanks for participating in Fridge Friday. I like the pulp in my OJ, but the BF doesn’t, so, it’s no pulp around here, too.

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