another reason flickr is my luv-ah.

noblopomo – day #1 (woot!)

omg, flickr.  i belong to a group called “crafting 365“, where people daily post 1 picture of something crafty they’ve done…  every day.  for a year. 




i average 5-6 pictures a week, and i have to say that i LOVE displaying what i have been working on.  and i love it more because i’m nosey, i love seeing what everyone else is up to.  it’s so inspiring to me.  and it challenges me…. how can i make a picture of the same things from yesterday look interesting?  how can i get more people to click on my pictures?  i literally lay in bed at night thinking about it.

is that an illness?

don’t answer that.

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7 Comments on “another reason flickr is my luv-ah.”

  1. Joy T. Says:

    Stopping by all my NaBloPoMo friends to say hi today. And now I’m going to have to stop by ‘crafting 365’ which will throw off my entire groove but I’ll do it anyhow because I have to see all the crafts I’ll never in a million years ever make and….is it an illness? I won’t answer that.

  2. Ev Says:

    It’s ALL an illness! All of it.

  3. Kendra Says:

    If it is an illness…then you are not the only sicko 🙂

  4. I never thought I could get more excited than I am about blog comments, but that was before one of my photos got fave’d on Flickr. Now? Every photo I take is accompanied by the thought, “Will so and so fave this?”

  5. o-no Says:

    you know what the first step is……….

  6. Geggie Says:

    It’s not an illness…no more than posting a picture of your fridge every Friday…I’ll check back to see yours. Mine is up.

  7. I’m on crafting 365 too, only on day 7 however. I plan to go check out your photos.

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