so tomorrow is halloween.  beanie is PSYCHED.  and i don’t

think she knows why, other than she will wear her costume.

and tell our neighbors “crick or treat!”  then go to

dinner and see grammie, poppie, b’nanny, and titi…  (for years

and years we have boycotted the trick-or-treaters and held the

candy back for ourselves.  we buy it just-in-case, then go to

dinner with my family.) 

i’m kinda waiting up to see if the kids are gonna roll the

neighborhood again this year…. that’s when i really felt like

a home-owner, as i was ripping it all down, muttering

 about those “dang kids”…

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2 Comments on “hula-weiners”

  1. s'mee Says:

    When I was growing up, our community actually looked at t.p.-ing as a flattering gesture or compliment. No one bothered to nuke the grumpy people, just your friends. We held competitions between friends and groups, it was fun.

    Halloween now, here where I live, well, it’s just dumb. I only get mothers with infants on their hip begging for “candy for the baby”, or high school thugs. grrr. The kids all hang out at church or school, no more door to door when you live in the ‘hood! lol

  2. Ev Says:

    What an adorable witch! She looks just like you, I can’t believe it. And I love the neighborhood. Now I’m SOOOOO homesick! Ugh!

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