what’s happenin’?

– custom order of 18 perpetual calendars on etsy…  omg, that’s a lot of mod podge.  it also shows that i get more orders when i’m swamped.  i’m trying to get 18 calendars together, i sell 2 on etsy, and 3 here at the scrapbook store. 

– low grade plague…  my family has been hit.  i’ve got the lowest grade, hunny had it pretty bad, beanie has this cough that *ugh*…. i hate coughing.  babycakes wins, though.  she has the runny nose and the terrible cough, the sleeplessness (what else is new?), and she has one more – projectile pleghm and breakfast vomiting.  good times.

– i’m going to alabama kinda unexpectedly for a few days.  i am flying.  i am trying not to panic.  i have a prescription for ativan. 

– which means hunny will be home with the girls for 4 days.  that’s 4 days of chicken nuggets and chinese food and late bed times.  and clifford the big red dog.  i’m sure it’ll be quite the party.  and quite the challenge to get things back in the order i’ve tried to establish around here when i get back!

– i need a flickr pro account.  i love whoring out my pictures.  i’ve been known to make comments on other people’s pictures hoping they’ll leave comments on mine.  i think i have an illness…  besides the low grade plague….

– i have used my upload quota here.  wonder what i have to do (how much i have to pay) to extend that…

– dunkin donuts.   *love*  they have iced tea now… that they will sweeten… to taste almost like reall sweet tea.  almost.  and then there’s the cinnamon coffee.  yeah, there’s that.  and And AND, there was a referendum(?) to decide if we will get a drive thru for ours.  i cannot even imagine.  a drive thru.  omg.  you know you live in the country when there are no drive thru’s in your town.  i have to get OUT of my car to get dunkin donuts.  do you see how wrong that is?!?  well, it is.  and i hope they’re speedy installing our drive thru. 

– (like i need more caffeine in my life)

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3 Comments on “what’s happenin’?”

  1. Kate Says:

    I’ve gotten quite addicted to flickr also, it’s so much fun!
    Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  2. I hope you feel better–why is it that the ones who can’t take anything (babies) always get the plague worse? Poor little thing.

    It so figures that you would get all the orders NOW doesn’t it?

  3. Ev Says:

    Congrats on the orders! Hope you had a nice trip and everyone is feeling better. : )

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