will it ever end?

so tired… babycakes and the sleeping thing, blah, blah… she ended up in our bed last night, and slept, well, like a baby the rest of the night.  this is the second time in a week that i’ve been too tired to deal, and just brought her back in our room.  the sleeping part was fantastic, but i really really really don’t want her in my bed every night.  really.  and it’s mostly because i don’t want the fight down the road to get her out.  let’s not fight.  really.

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4 Comments on “will it ever end?”

  1. O-No Says:

    and what would the bean think if SHE knew?????

  2. queenvanna Says:

    she’s just happy she’s not squawking in her room any more, i don’t htink she cares where she is!!

  3. helen Says:

    Don’t despair! My life got so much happier once we decided Berry would be better off sleeping in our bed for a while… I got way more sleep, and it wasn’t hard to get her out of the bed either.

    She sleeps in her own bed now, every night, like a rock.

    Whatever makes a happy mama and happy baby is GOOD! Good luck 🙂

  4. Ev Says:

    Just think of it as quality time by osmosis…

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