where were you?


newly married, we moved into our condo the weekend before.  it was a gorgeous day, i was hiding in my office waiting for my staff and clients to leave for the a.m. transport.  there was this radio show, dee snider in the morning (dee snider of twisted sister?  he’s a funny dude!)  and they were playing a game or bouncing jokes off of each other when the producer broke the news about the first plane… and then the show was cut off and the news was on.   and the news was on all day for me – in the car on my way to a meeting, in the meeting, back at work, home from work…  for the next week.  i was standing in the livingroom when the second plane hit.  i was in a safety meeting when the towers collapsed.  i was in my car when i found out my friend’s boyfriend who worked in tower 7 was walking across the bridge, with just his phone and his wallet, with no real aim, not sure where to go other than *out* of the city.  my mom and dad were visiting family in alabama.  this was the 1st (?) time my mom had agreed to fly, we had always driven.  hunny and my sister were at work, my grandma was at home.  i remember what i was wearing, i remember what i ate that day.  i remember every little trivial thing, the day is burned into my memory.  i’m not sure what i’d be like if i actually knew someone who passed, or was closer to the city myself.  i think about what those people remember quite often.

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2 Comments on “where were you?”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    I was at work…and I remember being hsyterical about O-No…thinking that something could happen to her like what was happening to all of the rescue workers there. I was frantic about her and she was THOUSANDS of miles away from there. Not sure why I went straight to that reaction, but since then I sometimes can’t quit thinking about those police officers and fire fighters and how their families must have felt watching all of that unfold before their very eyes. She came by work to see me that day which made me feel a little better. I also remember what I was wearing that day and I never wore that shirt again. I remember what I had for lunch (General Tsao chicken at The Wok with Owen – and for once, we were silent during lunch) and I probably remember every single thing that happened that day in my little world…imagine what the victim’s families must remember…God, how awful.

  2. Titi Suzie Says:

    Actually, I was at mom and daddy’s … in the living room. It was after I moved out of New Haven and a few days before I moved to West Haven. They were in Alabama and I was on the phone with mom when both of the towers fell. Fairfield cancelled classes that day and I wasn’t scheduled to work. I sat in front of the tv all day and John came over after his day at work and ate pizza with me.

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