i’m brilliant.

and it only took a month to figure it out….

so i videotaped beanie talking about the hammer store…  she said:

  there are hammers

at the hammer store, and pieces, and you go pound pound like that

(and knocks on the stool next to her), and you put on _____ (something

that goes around your chest/ middle), there’s crabs and fish.  and there’s

dinosaurs, and books, but no chicken, buggies (shopping carts), or shirts… 

oh, and there’s  diet coke in the car.

ok, so: there’s dinosaurs 

and the thing that goes on your chest/middle and “crabs” and fish

 and well, i guess there *were* hammers

i showed her these pictures today, and the first thing she said was “HEY, THAT’S THE HAMMER STORE!!!!”

this was vacation, almost 3 months ago.  she wants to go back to the Children’s Museum of Southern Connecticut.  alrighty then. 

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5 Comments on “i’m brilliant.”

  1. O-No Says:

    when is she going back ???

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    You know I was thinking, “The Children’s Museum of Southern Connecticut” sounds a whole lot like “The Hammer Store” in conversation…so I can see how she got those confused. GEEZ!

  3. Titi Suzie Says:

    I think she is taking pity on you … or she is a liar. Remember the part where she has been there with me, Grammie, Poppie, B’naynie … ?

    Either, your baby maybe a sociopath because she really believes she was there with the whole darn family … or she just went with the children’s museum to get you off her back with asking about the freeking hammer store.

  4. O-No Says:

    i think it was more like she WANTS all the family to go there with her…….. she knows they would learn lots!!!!!!!!

  5. PJ Says:

    Mandy and Bobbie Jo had told me about the hammer store. I had to read it for myself. And I must say you are brilliant to have figured this one out!

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