beanie asked hunny the other day while they were out and about for him to bring her to the hammer store. 

the hammer store? 

yes, the hammer store. 

there’s hammers there? 

yes, the hammer store.

so they went to the hardware store.  he said they got about a dozen steps in, and she saw the line of 5-6 men with their hammers and other hardware items, and exclaims, “THIS IS NOT THE HAMMER STORE!”  he was stumped, she was mad, she has talked about it in the weeks since. 

we ask all kinds of questions:  what do you buy there?  hammers

what color are the buggies?  there’s no buggies at the hammer store.

do you get chicken/hamburgers/toys/clothes/prizes/etc at the hammer store? no, you get hammers.

who takes you there?  mimi, daddy, babycakes, grammie, poppie, titi, b’nanny.

the only places all those people have been at the same time is church, and the outback steakhouse, and yet, you don’t get french fries or say “amen” at the hammer store.

 can anyone help a mimi out??

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3 Comments on “shoppin’…”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    When I was a little girl we lived next door to the Hammers who owned a department store called “Hammers.” I doubt it’s still around and unless beanie has been to Albertville, AL, she wouldn’t know about it anyway. So, I have no idea what she’s talking about. I say give her a hammer and see what happens.

  2. O-No Says:

    going to the hammer store this weekend???


  3. Mandy Jo Says:

    Hey – I was thinking…maybe she is trying to say, “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer!”

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