new group…

flickr…  it’s my biggest time-waster lately.  i look at crafts and craft show displays and think and dream and comment and lose a lot of time…  today i joined the group called “crafting 365” and i’ll try to do a little something every day, and post it to the group.  i suppose i’m gonna have to upgrade my acct if i keep at the rate i’ve been going, so i’m hoping for a flurry of orders in the near future!  this a.m. i got up after babycakes went back to sleep to work on a custom job – little envelopes with pink and green inserts.  the early a.m. light made them look so bright and pretty.  here’s to many more days of pretty pics of cool things i’ve made! 


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5 Comments on “new group…”

  1. Danielle Says:

    The colors are lovely! Don’t you love early morning light? It just makes everything glow…

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    very cute and preppy!

  3. O-No Says:

    BEWARE OF FLICKR!!!!!!!!

  4. vanna Says:

    as a time watser or is there something more sinister?

  5. O-No Says:



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