new beginnings…

or really, just getting off my butt…

i’ve decided it’s time to do more, to be more. to rediscover and to get things done. i’ve gotta spend more time doing things with my girls.  beanie is as smart as a whip, and i could really teach her more than i do.  she needs to get out and be with kids, she is ready for new experiences, and to learn learn learn. babycakes can only benefit from this as well. to this end, i’ve signed us up for storytime at the library. last year we went informally, but i think that we need to have it permanently on the schedule, it’s too easy to bag out otherwise.  it’s hard to get out of the house in the a.m…. do i have the diaper bag packed for everyone?  do we need snacks/drinks? where is my purse/keys/wallet?  shoes for everyone, carry babycakes and our bags, beanie get yer shoes on, what’s the weather like… blah, blah, blah, whine…

i’m also going to set goals for myself for each week. this week, my goal is to be in bed before 10:00p.m. every night that i’m not working (i’m working 2 nights this week). after catching up on a little sleep, i think i’ll be a little more motivated to get off the couch in the evenings and create some new things for my etsy shop, make some christmas gifts, and get ready for upcoming craft shows.

here’s me last friday night at a liiiiittle show i did in new haven.  after doing shows where i could really spread out, compressing into a small space was a challenge.  i did it, and i made a few bucks, too!  =) ponder-show.jpg

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