sick baby…

there are few things worse in my world than a sick baby.  the crying, the snotting, the lack of sleep… and that’s just me!  *sigh*

babycakes has a fever.  this is the first time i’ve ever had to deal with something like this.  we’ve had colds and snuffly noses a handful of times, and beanie supposedly had an ear infection once, but i am convinced that was what it was due to the fact that she sprouted 4 molars and 1 other tooth later that week.  (all on Easter Sunday!  He is Risen!  She has teeth!!)  i think her head was angry.  i know *she* was angry, cuz it took 2 grown people to hold her down and squeeze medicine down her throat for 10 days.  in that time, she learned to spit.  and gave up her bottle after i tried to sneak the medicine in it.  and stopped eating yogurt for the same reason.   good times.

 fevers are new to me.  and fevers suck.  i know there’s no reason to be alarmed, or take her to the doctor yet, but but but… my poor baby!  she was up most of the night, alternating between crying and “talking” to herself…  probably saying “man, i’m hot.  is it hot in here? is it me?”  she was so warm when she took her bottle this a.m., it was like snuggling with a baked potato.  i know she’s not feeling well cuz it’s 8a.m., and she’s actually sleeping. 

i’m not sure who this is rougher on…  her for not feeling well, or me for worrying.  poor babycakes.  poor me. 

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3 Comments on “sick baby…”

  1. andrea Says:

    oh no! poor baby! that is so hard – fevers are no fun. And I have to agree that it’s a tough call on who it’s harder on. Sleep deprivation and worry isn’t good for anyone! Hang in there (both of you!) and I hope she’s back to 100% soon!

  2. O-No Says:

    i recommend you get rid of the thermometer….. when i go to the doc and am sick… she always ask if i have been running fever…. and i tell her i don’t know i don’t have a thermometer…..

    that poor sweet baked potato…..

  3. Mandy Jo Says:

    poo poo babycakes…i’m so sorry for her…
    and you really should sleep when she does…that’s my best advice. Sorry I’m not much help. Kiss her for me.

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