learn from my experience, people!!

i do enjoy instant gratification.  i do not enjoy waiting.  when i wanna do something, or when i want something, i just go ahead.  really, if i’ve got the time or the opportunity i’m gonna seize the chance, cuz in my life of chasing babies and hocking scrapbook supplies, i don’t have much time to ponder things.  i just go right ahead.


next time i go to the dentist to have a tooth repaired and have a head full of novicaine, i’m gonna wait to eat that asiago cheese bagel til the numbness wears off.  cuz even though the bagel was soft and delicious, i nearly ate my lip off and didn’t realize it til the bagel was gone.  it’s been 3 days and my tooth feels just fine, but my lip is swollen and red, and kinda canker-y on the inside now.  i’ll spare you the cankery-ness, but here’s my red puffy lip…. face

it says, “hi-ya.”

 yesterday someone told me that her dentist suggested that to help novicaine wear off quicker, you should drink a warm beverage.  had i known, i would’ve traded my dunkin donuts iced tea for a hot latte.  had i only known,  i’d have a complete face, and not angry canker.  the moral?  stay away from bj’s bakery aisle after having a tooth drilled.  and now you know.

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One Comment on “learn from my experience, people!!”

  1. SudsMuffin Says:

    Oh my that looks painful. Thanks for the tips though. I hope your lip is better very soon!

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