a genius… slow, but in the making…

*gah*  my post got eaten.  that sux.  ANYWAY….

 so this about babycakes… 

when i was pregnant, i read the “what to expect when you’re expecting” book and felt inadequate every step of the way… i wasn’t eating the 1,000,000 grams of calcium i should, *gasp* i didn’t have morning sickness, and yet i lost 11 pounds my first trimester.  clearly, terrible things were happening.  thanks, book!  of course, nothing was wrong, and i had 2 very uneventful pregnancies.

and then i moved on to the “what to expect” book for the first year.  and the feelings of having to compete with the crazies in there or be labeled inadequate were even worse, by like a thousand degrees.  “w.t.(f).e” said that babycakes should’ve been pointing by now, and yet, there was no pointing.  now *i* know it’s just because she hasn’t felt the need to gesture towards anything, she’s been pretty happy with whatever has been in her proximity, but still, the booooook, the daaaaaaaamn boooooook!!!! hate.  for the book.

she’s baby-signs “more” and “all done”, and when you ask her at naptime if she wants a bottle, she emphatically shakes her head “yes”  (which is funny to me, cuz all other signs of her disposition would show that “no” would be her first headshake of choice).  with all these communication and dexterity skills, it was obvious to me that her little pointer was just not working.  if there was a baby reportcard, hers would show that she was “slow to point”  *harmph*

til late last week, she picked up the piano.  she played a lovely and haunting melody, in just 4 notes:


hey! her pointers work! they’re all pointy and what-not!

 since then, there’s been lots of double-handed pointing action happening, thank goodness.  pointing at daddy, pointing at legos, pointing at random lint on the floor…  and thank goodness that she’ll be the big oh-1 next month, and i won’t have to worry about the book any more.  unless someone buys me the “w.t.e. toddler years”.  oi.

the other face   the face

and even if she didn’t get all the pointing genes, she certainly got all of the bottom lip ones. 

seriously, where is beanie’s bottom lip?  maybe another riveting post on that later.  after i search out “w.t.e.: your baby’s face” on amazon. =/

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4 Comments on “a genius… slow, but in the making…”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    You know a good bottom lip is essential for pouting. Better check into that for the bean. Auntie Bobbie Jo is a world class outer and I should hope these 2 follow in her footsteps…

  2. She is freakin’ adorable. And just perfect, no matter what any book says. I always compare those books with say, being able to do a cartwheel in an adult. Surely, by my age, any adult should be able to do a cartwheel. Um, no way, I can’t. Why expect all babies to develop the same when all adults certainly don’t? I used to call those books, “What to Be Paranoid About When You’re Expecting.”

  3. O-No Says:

    maybe the bean wants to use the “serious straight face” to stare you down instead of the pout…. she will soon learn pouting works much better!!!!

  4. emily Says:

    too funny! my nephew was a “slow” developer. but now, he won’t slow down!! we swear he’s a genius. 🙂

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