yeah, so here i am.  we’ve had a busy few days, and thankfully, today is gonna be stay-in-your-jammies day.  it’s also babies-take-a-long-nap-day, like it or not.  what have we been doing?  i’m not sure… but in the background of everything, i’m “bettering” my craft room. 

have i ever mentioned that we moved into this house when i was 9 months pregnant?  while chasing an 18 month old?  in the hottest august in the history of connecticut?  uphill?  both ways??  i’m not sure i have…  it has made me nearly lose my mind over and over that things were not cleaned as well as they could’ve been, and that things were not put away as quickly as i would’ve liked them to have been.  we’ve lived here a year next week, and there are still so many boxes.  so.  many.  boxes.  so i have tried to embrace the disorder, but it was time to do my craftroom.  it was time to do my craftroom on friday night at 9:30p.m.  poor hunny humored me and after i took out the boxes, he pulled out the orange indoor-outdoor carpet that night.

before:boxes.jpg                        during:no more boxes  .  The carpet went without a fight, but the 30+ year old backing held tight to the floor.  *we* think the floor is asphalt tiles (?!?), and i don’t know what that means, other than i reminds me of the floor from when i was in elementary school.  hunny used a scraper the size of a razor blade to get the carpet rubber off of them after the paint thinner didn’t work.  then he bleached and scrubbed.  and that is why i married him.  he’s a scraper, a bleacher and a scrubber, goodness bless him!!

changing the subject to something more interesting to me:

i recently acquired this book, thinking it was going to help me solve my organizational problems.  the only thing that book has shown me is that i should shop more at target (not possible), and that it’s not fair that there are no container stores around here.  oh, and of course my problems have nothing to do with the fact that i’m trying to cram 10 pounds of scrapbooking supplies in a 5 pound bag.  or something like that. 

i have realized that i should write an organizational book of my own, or maybe just a pamphelette, but the jist of it is this: 

  take it all out, put back what looks pretty, and leave the rest flung all over the dining room and spare bedroom.   close the door.  carry on.

yeah, i’m not sure what to do with the rest.  possibly make a second and third craftroom with the leftovers and stuff that won’t fit.

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7 Comments on “improvement”

  1. O-No Says:

    hmmmm maybe open a store with the lef t over stuff…….. *wink*

  2. dapbim Says:

    My general rule is, if I haven’t used / worn / looked at it in the past year, it can go in the bin. This applies to absolutely everything – clothes, craft supplies etc…

  3. O-No Says:

    oh my….dapbim… you are hard core!!!!!!!!

  4. Angela Says:

    I love stay-in-your-jammies days! They’re just so nice and relaxing 🙂

    Good luck with the organization – I know there’s just no hope for me anymore, I was just born to be disorganized 😛

    ♥ Angie

  5. cathy Says:

    oh i’m so disorganised too…and even when i do manage to clean out my study, it doesn’t stay clean for very long!!

  6. emily Says:

    gotta love the overflow. that is how my entire house looks. my fiance gets so annoyed that he sees paper everywhere! at least i am not alone…

  7. Mrs. Kwitty Says:

    Oh girl, you are SO not alone in this…it feels like a never ending battle trying to keep a whole house organized, with kids, and crafts, and pets, etc!! Good luck!
    Smiles, Karen

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