i am such a grower…

    another watermelon

and nurturer.  i can grow watermelons! with my own 2 hands!!  well, i can continue to grow them after poppie bought the sprouts from his local garden store.  and hubby planted them.  and nevermind that the bigger one is only the size of my knuckle, they’re GROWING!! woohoo! watermelon       stay tuned for further watermelon developments! maybe even later today!!!

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

in other martha-y, home-makie news, the ups man delievered this while i was outside…

my new book 

you’d think with a truck his size, he couldn’t sneak up on a person, but he scared the carp out of me, all creepin’ into my driveway and sayin’ hello.  me, with my mouthful of chocolate chip cookie (hiding from beanie cuz i didn’t want to share!), filling the kiddie pool and taking pictures of miniscule fruit (that i grew!! by myself!! sorta!!)

nap time can’t come fast enough… i’m gonna be whipping up all kinds of fanastically sewn things this afternoon (did i ever mention that i don’t know how to sew?  we’ll see what miss amy karol can teach *me!*) (i *do* own a sewing machine, i’m not sure why!!)  =)

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5 Comments on “i am such a grower…”

  1. O-No Says:

    you grow girl!

  2. Tamara Says:

    OOOHH mini watermelon how sweet ..

  3. Danielle Says:

    rawk on with your bad green-thumbed-self! Most of my plants are dying- so I’m impressed!

  4. Mandy Jo Says:

    uuummmm…I want that book. I need that book.

  5. […] is it supposed to take this long for them to grow large?  it’ll be october before this one is ready to go!  this is the original “big one” from the previous post, we named him “lefty”.   his accomplice, the smaller one we called “righty” tuned black and fell off the vine shortly after his discovery.  there were others, but darn if i can find them now. […]

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