help a sistah out…

wanna teach me how to get pictures off my camera?

*der, der der*… i meant to ask how to get pictures off my PHONE.  i blame babycake-brain for this one….

 how bout this:  i can’t remember the other thing i needed help with.  *hrmph*

OHYEAH, i remembered…  how can i work it to tell how people found me? stats and all that, i guess…  hmmmm????

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One Comment on “help a sistah out…”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    I’ll let Bobbie Jo teach you about the pics and the camera…
    As for stats…that’s my FAVORITE part of blogging!!! Of course, each blog hosting site is different, but mine (typepad) has a section called “Stats” (under the Weblog category from the “Manage my account” section) and it posts a running list of hits…I think for a rolling 24 hours maybe? Anyway, if that hit came from a link on another site, it will show you that link. If it came from a search engine, it will show you that and you can click on it to see what the person was searching for…this I love. I find it particularly hilarious…that someone sits up at night searching for say “Lhasa Apso hairdos” for instance…and lands on my blog.
    This section will also tell you how many times your site has been visited by day, week, etc…and the average number of hits per day for a specified time period. Interesting. I have no idea if this is how your account works, but I hope it helps. Let me know.

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