doods. i am losing the battle.

my own daughter.  *sigh*  how embarrassing.  she got into the back cupboard where these were hidden.  next thing you know, she‘ll be dating john mayer.

90 degree snow boots

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5 Comments on “doods. i am losing the battle.”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    That girl knows how to make a fashion statement!

  2. O-No Says:

    see…. just what you said would NEVER happen….. better watch it!!!!


  3. Danielle Says:

    She’s adorable! And-come on now-whats more comfortable than uggs?

  4. Ev Says:

    OMG, she’s adorable!

  5. Auntie Trixie Says:

    I remember a time when I wore snow boots until July … she just happens to be a fast learner in the world of living as a fashion plate. *now if I can just remember where I put those 4T fishnet tights*

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