the mouth of beanie…

oh, that bean…  i took her bathing suit shopping with me friday night.  i knew it was gonna be fun, but oh, the fun that was had!!!  first, she wants to walk, not ride in the buggy.  this means she’s gonna stop at every mirror she can find and have a discussion with herself.  man, she loves herself… “oh, HI!  i go shoppin’ with mimi, she say ‘c’mon!” i goin’ with mimi, ok, see ewe-waiter, bye!” *wave* 14 steps, another mirror, and it starts again… “oh, HI!…” 

so 5 years later and after the promise of the “best mirror evah!” we make it to the dressing room with an armload of bathing suits.  i haven’t had a new bathing suit since i got married (when dinosaurs roamed the planet), and like almost everyone else in the world, i would really rather not have to try on a bathing suit, or WEAR a bathing suit ever in my life.  and now i have learned that the only thing that can make it worse is having the running commentary of a two year old in a crowded dressing room… with no volume control…

glancing in mirror:  “mimi, why you take-a your shoes off?”

“mimi, where are your PANTS!?” (giggles from the adjoining cubby)

peeking under mirror:  “i see a wady’s feet!  what’s that wady doin’ in dere?”

“i see your baaaaaah-booo! (belly button)”

after kissing herself in the mirror:  “mimi, PUT YOUR SHIRT ON RIGHT NOW!” (woman, some modesty, PLEASE!) 

“we goin’ swimmin’? *I* goin’ swimmin’?  i take-a my shirt off, my dress myself, bathing suit.”  wrestles herself into a womens’ tankini top…

odearlord.  i bought the second one i tried on.  i think it covered all the bits and the top hopefully matched the bottom… we’ll see, i suppose.

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2 Comments on “the mouth of beanie…”

  1. ROFL This is too cute! How old is Miss Beanie?

  2. queenvanna Says:

    oi. the beaner is almost 2.5

    and the girl has some opinions!!!

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