and a kick in the head…

you’ve met bunny before , and sheepie, he’s the new kid… and i was SMART with sheepie.  there were actually 2 sheepies.  were.  we lost one at the mall on Monday.  so we were down to 1 sheepie.  babycakes is much more of a “baby” than beanie ever was.  she flings her toys and binkies and climbs and scoots like crazy, and the thought of having only 1 sheepie scared me… what if THAT sheepie got tossed out of the stroller?  or hidden in the flap of the sunshade on the stroller and couldn’t be found while i was at work and hunny calls all frantic because the baby won’t go to sleep and he knows that he is with me where iamandchecktheparkinglotiknowyouhavehim,IKNOWYOUHAVEHIM!!!!!  (hunny, i’m looking at YOU. *blink* *blink*)

thankfully we were at the mall, and i thought we’d swing into sears and get her another backup.

but there were no backups to be found… until i sent the lady in “the back” and told her not to come out til she found one.  and if she was gonna be gone a while, i’d come in and FIND HER.  AND A DAMN SHEEP.  she found a duck, she found a bunny, and she found 1 injured sheepie.  and now he’s ours, with a fresh stitch job  frankenstein sheepie head, and probably a headache.  (that’s sweet potatoes on his temple, courtesy of babycakes, not sheepie blood) sheepie.jpgisn’t he sweet?!?!

p.s. i know you can’t see the up close fine job i did stitching his little head together, but i gotta wrangle some babies, and i’ll fix it later!!! xoxo  have a great day!!

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3 Comments on “and a kick in the head…”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    very sweet…
    I would try to remove that sweet potato yuck though.
    There’s a reason I don’t have children…

  2. O-No Says:

    you were smart this time……

  3. AncaNY Says:

    You should be writing children’s books. That is os whimsical.

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