flickr and a plea for help. one has nothing to do with the other.


did you know i have a flickr page for my craftiness?  here it is!

click like Mandy taught us to!:

  i finally managed to get the latest pics off my ailing camera.  i just can’t believe it’s dead.  =(  the good news is that my new-and-improved camera is being delivered by UPS today!!!

my new-and-improved-though-there-was-nothing-wrong-with- my-last-one-til-it-got-rained-on-camera!!

i’m charging batteries as i type! and HEY, MY 3 READERS… someone teach me to hide web addresses in nice words, so you can click something that says: my camera, instead of http://blahblahblahfor3lines…. ‘k? thanks!


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8 Comments on “flickr and a plea for help. one has nothing to do with the other.”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    I feel pretty sure you have more than 3 readers…Have you a way to track who looks at your blog and how they got there? If not, you need to do that because it will crack you up. Plus, it’s amazing to me that people come back after they find you…people you will NEVER meet. Oh, and I’m not sure how your blog works, but mine has this little link icon in the new post area, so I type in the pretty words like “Click here to see my scrapbook page.’ Then I highlight those words and click the link icon (on mine it looks like a chain) then a box appears and I type in the long address and hit enter…and voila, I have a link. Does that help?

  2. mimi Says:

    Everything that Mandy Jo said! See, two already!

  3. corline Says:

    I just have to say , I love all the flowers popping out. That is so pretty , festive, and gives a happy feeling. So sorry about your camera ; but sounds like you will be getting a great new one!

  4. Ev Says:

    See! You have 4 readers!!! ; p

  5. O-No Says:

    i wish i could help you with the web address crap… i mean details….. * smile* but.. i know totally NOTHING!!

    and you are sooooo right… mandy IS crafty!!!!

    can not wait for you to really try that camera out!!!

  6. marlee Says:

    Number 5 checking in!

  7. Mandy Jo Says:

    See? You’re popular and smart. Who could ask for more? And I LOVE your flickr photos…cute crafty stuff…you kill me.

  8. tovorinok Says:


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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