i think i’ve been stunned into silence by the unexpected death of my camera!!  or, really, it’s a near-death.  once in a while i can get it to turn on and take a couple pics, but then it fries itself out.  *sigh*  it won’t stay on long enough to take the pictures OUT though.    so i’m back to the digital 2.0 megapixel dinosaur til my new canon arrives.  i just hate to think i killed a camera after less than 6 months…

 BUT auntie O-no will be happy to hear that i have discovered how many pictures it takes to fill a hard drive… with JUST pictures.  it’s 34,000.  so that’s part of my problem, too… i know i need to archive some of them and move them off, but… but… my babies!! my preshus baybeeeees!!!  i’ve started saving them on the “big” computer since the laptop is full…  wonder how much space is left on here….  and when hunny is gonna have something to say about the daily folders on the desktop that aren’t filed in an orderly fashion…

something else in another direction:  the stouffer’s lean cuisine Revolutionary Grilling Tray (TM) is my new BFF.  those dang paninis are my very most favoritest.  and thanks to stop & shop for havng them at 5/$10 this week.  and curses to the people who got there before me and bought all but 2 of them.

further: did you know that there are no frozen raviolis available to the public in birmingham, alabama? what is UP with that, birmingham?!?  c’mon!!

see now, aren’t you so happy i’m back and all bloggy?  such profound and thought provoking stuff…

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3 Comments on “blog-less-ness…”

  1. Ev Says:

    I’m beginning to understand how you got 34,000 pics…I’m well on my way!

  2. O-No Says:


    and can i say…. no one ever thought that Banana would fill an entire hard drive with pics….. i am SO very proud!!!!!!
    keep up the good work… what’s the tracking # on that new camera…… i NEED some pics!!!

  3. Mandy Jo Says:

    GEEZ! I’m glad you are back.
    And ravioli is a constant source of irritation here in the ham…as is DiGiorno Harvest Wheat crust pepperoni pizza…not the thin crust, the regular…can’t find it any more…it’s like someone decided we are not worthy. But, hey…we’ve got Milo’s and Krispy Kreme so it doesn’t matter.

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