paris hilton disgusts me…

maybe it’s not her, i’m not sure, but the situation has just about made me crazy.  if her medical issues were so severe to be let out of jail, she should be in the damn hospital, not at home having cupcakes delivered.  so i hear she complained of a rash.  if i were in jail (for DUI), and had a rash, i’d be given some hydrocortisone cream and send back to my effing cell. 

jail is punishment.  being at home for 40 days when you live like she does is vacation.  in your own clothes, in your own bed,  friends visiting whenever, access to your blackberry and your liquor and all that.  how is this punishment?!?

it stuns me that i am irritated so much about this, but i am so bothered that i can barely speak.  i wish i had the words.

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4 Comments on “paris hilton disgusts me…”

  1. marlee Says:

    Pisses me off as well. I don’t have the words in me either although that may be a good thing as the ones that do come to mind

  2. I so share your rage! Some punishment–“Go to your mansion right now! And don’t come out until I say so!” No matter that she could have killed someone drunk driving–if your last name is Hilton you can get away with anything. Gag.

  3. luvmogo Says:

    I wonder if her ailment might have been physical detox symptoms. If the girl has a rash give her some benedryl and call it a day! Sheesh.

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