other things i love

tea – milk, 2 equal

popcorn on the stove – butter and salt

the smell of my garage (reminds me of living in north haven)

new email

hunny’s sunglasses

my new sneakers (i’m looking for them online to show a pic, but they are either too old and out of date, or so trend setting that i can’t find them anywhere!)

 beaniethis one.

and this one:babycakes and cakey babes

and in other news: 

babycakes has a couple more teeth, and luckily, she hasn’t been tooooo bad about them.  once they all break through the gums (probably by the weekend), she’ll have 6 teeth!!  beanie still didn’t have any at this point.  but i did notice that beanie has 2 new molars in her mouth that are more than 1/2 way in.  way to pay attention, mimi!!  you’d think i’d notice them, since i brush her teeth every night, but they snuck in there!!

and now i’m off to iron my tablecloth for the craftshow.  i’m trying not to freak that it’s in 3 days…

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2 Comments on “other things i love”

  1. O-No Says:

    oh that craftshow won’t know what hit them!!!!!! break a nail….

  2. Michelle Says:

    Love that hat on babycakes!

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