they’re on to us, i just know it.

much better, thank you.

 though the neighbors, if they peek out their windows, really really have to wonder about us.  sunday evening there was a big rainstorm with the lightning and the thunder and the blah blah blah…  we hunkered down and watched some tivo and it was about time for bed.  “ooh, ooh, but first lemme show you what i did in my craft room!!”  i told hunny.  (lemme tell ya about my craftroom.  i haven’t unpacked, because i want a new carpet in there, and it’s gonna take a LOT to clean the floors for new carpet, so anyway…) ( oh, and things are piled on more things, are piled on more things, are piled on more things)  so i fully expected to flip on the light and have him go “yay, progress!,” because i had piled things higher, and there was a little room to walk in there now.  but unfortunately, no.   he flips on the light and notices that one of the windows (there are 7 windows in there) are fogged over, and the sill is wet and the path o-wettness travels down the wall, onto the nasty carpet, and pools under some of my piles…. 

we start moving the piles, looking at what’s damaged, and he wants to figure out at 11p.m. why the window leaked, and what he’s gonna do to fix it.  out comes the flashlight.  right now auntie o-no is laughing, cuz hunny always has his flashlight.  he loves to shine it on things.  and demonstrate the path of distruction.  and wave it around like a lazer pointer.  and attempt tp land airplanes.   he figures out what went wrong, what he’s gonna do, and gives me a lesson on gravity and its effect on water in my windowcasing while swinging his flashlight around, flashing it in all the corners, outside towards the gutters, the front lawn, etc.

i’m convinced the neighbors now know we’re gonna hide the body from friday night in my craftroom wall. 

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3 Comments on “they’re on to us, i just know it.”

  1. O-No Says:

    tee-hee……i have seen him in action with that flashlight….dangerous….

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    I have a thing for flashlights, too. I hope you didn’t lose any good crafty things in the mess.

  3. Ev Says:

    Your craftroom sounds like mine!!! Pile it on!

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