the one where i lose my s&!t…

so i work every other friday from 6p-midnight.  it’s so late when i’m driving home, i wanna just get here and get into bed.  after all, babycakes will be up in like 3 hours.  i’m scooting along tonight, minding my own business when the car coming at me hurls something that hits my windshield just below the wiper.  somehow i manage to stay on the road and clear it off enough to see.  i pull over and call the police.  i know they’re busy tonight, but i know there’s more of them than usual because a gas station in the area got robbed earlier, and they called in people for overtime.  i know this because cops are my friends… actually, just one cop.  and she had been called to come in and work extra due to the robbery.  get ’em.  whatever.  at this point, i didn’t even know what was all over the front of my car….  i thought it was a milkshake.  little did i know.

so i continue on… then the smell started.  and in an instant i knew what it was.  mother freller, it’s a rotton egg.   get it off, get it off, get it off, GET IT OFF, GETITOFF. it gets worse.

i’d love to know what my neighbors would think if they looked out their window and saw me hosing off my car at 1a.m. in the driveway…  going in the house and turning on every light.  then here comes kris with the flashlight and both of us studying the front of my car…  then clearing out my part of the garage and pulling my stank-ass car in to air-out out of the rain.  suspicious? uh, yeah. 

you’ve gotta be kidding me.  that smell is in my air intake now, and it’s not gonna come out.  what the eff am i gonna do?  it’s disgusting.  i’ll take any suggestions for removing rotton egg odor from my car.  MY CAR that i drive my sweet little babies around in.  this sucks.

it takes a whole lot to piss me off, a whole lot.  most of the time i’ll roll my eyes and continue on, but this has done it.  some punk ass teenager and his buddies getting their jollies on a rainy night freaking out some poor mom just going home.  a hole.


abrupt end to post now.  going the heck to bed to fret and be irritated.

edited to add:  hunny took the dang thing to the carwash.  *he* says there’s a little smell still on the plastic pieces, but none *in* the car.  but, he has no sense of smell.  i’m gonna let it air our today, and check for myself tomorrow.

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4 Comments on “the one where i lose my s&!t…”

  1. Mallory Says:

    That freakin sux! What degenerates, time on their hands apparently. I don’t have any solution for the smell. 😦 Maybe ask Martha Stewart!

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    YUCK! Did the police put those freaks in jail?????

  3. O-No Says:


  4. queenvanna Says:

    they BETTER’VE put ’em in jail!! i’m gonna ask my friend later this week… and the smell went away. my solution is called OCD-Husband. i wish i could bottle him, i’d be a bazillionaire!

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