america’s next top mom

i’m looking for some new shorts.  i pulled mine out of my dresser for the 1st time in almost 3 years today, and by-crikey, they don’t fit…  by like 2 sizes.  *shrug*  i decided they’re going to the goodwill, there’s no way i’ll be that size again, and if i am, i won’t wanna wear old ratty shorts, i’ll want new.  so i want new shorts now, cuz who cares about losing 10 pounds and wearing little shorts…

i don’t know what the current style is… how long?  how roomy?  what color?  i dunno… so i’ve been people watching trying to get an idea.  and what have i discovered?!?  people in the farmington valley have no style.  i cannot count the number of women i saw today with nylons and opened toed sandals.  omg, yuck.    and they weren’t all 85 years old.  they should know better, and care a little more.

then there’s the girls with advertisements across their asses…  i really would prefer not to purposely draw attention to my backside, i don’t need HOTTIE written across it.  and i have a little trouble with the old navy tank top look.  i guess i’m kinda a modest gal, but they always seem to gape open in inappropriate situations…. and the girls that work next door all wear them, and they’re 19, so i’m not gonna be able to compete with that… if i was trying to compete.  which i’m totally not, i just don’t wanna look like a frumpy old dork….

i hope it’s not gonna turn into something like the time a week or so ago when i wore a headband for the first time in beanie’s little life.  she took one look at me and said “mimi, silly thing, in yer hair.  take-a out.”  my fashion heckled by a 2 year old.  so now you see why the shorts thing has me a little disturbed.  i don’t want to hear it from my own miss blackwell.

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3 Comments on “america’s next top mom”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    We have some shorts here that say “Roll Tide” across the butt. Would you like a pair?

  2. Evelyn Says:

    I hear ya sista! But you could never be frumpy. Or old. I’m still thinking about the dork part… Lova ya!

  3. Mallory Says:

    I made up a pair of shorts for a girl friend that said, “Stop looking at my butt” across the butt (with my embroidery sewing machine) as a joke. She loved it too much, I made her a t-shirt that said, “stop staring at my boobs.” lol

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