National Scrapbooking Day

when you work in a scrapbook store, it turns into national scrapbooking weekend.  and you don’t get to actually *do* much scrapbooking, you get to wait on ladies that spend BAJILLIONS of dollars on papers and cardboard and glue and other wonderful things.  ok, i’m a little jealous, but i really do love my job.  we jump up and down when someone wins a prize.  we play pin the tail on the burro. 

so- we’re also working with a scrapping weekend away at an inn.  it’s a cinqo de mayo weekend, dear lord help us all. 

i walked into the store last night, and one of the owners was wearing a HUGE sombrero.  i told her if i had to wear the hat, i quit.  it would totally impede my ability to sell.  and it would give me bad hat hair.  and with the state of my hair now (breaking off at the hairline and sticking straight up on my forehead, thank you babycakes-hormones), my psyche just didn’t need that.  i won the battle before the fight was started.  and i more than doubled the sales for the day. go me, go them, go all of us!!

 i’ve got some great pictures and lots of inspriation and new products to try, i can’t wait to get it all together and just scrapbook!!!  i mean, look at these faces!!

i’m gonna taste these right here                              aaahhh, nature.

for now, i need a few hours rest, cuz there will be more fun and tail pinning on burros and prizes tomorrow.  and no sombreros.

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3 Comments on “National Scrapbooking Day”

  1. o-no Says:

    no rest for the weary?? you working sunday too??but top less… no hat…..
    i really don’t think you were ever a hat girl…… you could not have attended many southern weddings….. that’s for sure…. * grin *

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    Nor could you attend the Kentucky Derby…
    I will have to suggest Pin the Tail on the Burro to Monique (owns Scrap, Etc.). I did my part to support the scrapbooking economy yesterday morning, but the store was REALLY crowded and people were jerking things and talking loudly. I had to leave. I told PJ this morning that my hobby is really just BUYING scrapbook supplies – not scrapbooking.
    OH! Do you watch The Office? Did you hear Michael say last week that he enjoys scrapbooking with Jan? HA!

  3. o-no Says:

    she is sooo not kidding about the hobby…..
    *straight face*

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