oh, the places i go

i drive the back roads to many of the places i go… and glamorous places they are!!  target, walmart *gasp*, dunkin donuts, the gas station and grocery store.  we live about 10 miles from the closest highway, and most of the places i go are not in that direction.  i’ve always been interested in how streets got their names, and lately even moreso…  coming back from the scrapbook store this a.m., i drove by squadron line rd.  a squadron line is the group of guys with guns that shoot you blindfolded after they ask if you have any last words, right??!  “i live on squadron line!!”  hmm.  even better, there’s squadron line elementary school.  that gives a whole new meaning to having to stand on the wall at recess for being naughty.

there’s also a nimrod road in that town.  and how ’bout this: there’s a tootin hills school on nimrod road.  no lie.   heh. *ugh* those poor kids.  i’m glad we don’t live in that town.  (though i should check the name of the elementary school the girls will go to before i brag too much! – ok i checked, it’s a guy’s name, we’re safe!)  and i don’t even want to mention that there’s an intersection of bushy hill and climax not too far from there.  what were they thinking??

there are some lovely names, too… barn door hills, creamery hill (there are lots of hills), hedgehog lane, lots of first names: victoria, laurel, thomas… 

i wonder about how my street got its name…  it might be someone’s last name, it might be a made up word – it’s not common, at least around here.  we like it cuz it’s got hunny’s name in the middle.  in the condo, my maiden name was in the street name.  thatwas cool, cuz we moved there right after we got married and i changed my last name.  it was like getting part of the old-me back.

 i’m just glad i don’t live on tootin hills road.

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One Comment on “oh, the places i go”

  1. Have you ever heard how to determine your soap opera name? It’s your middle name plus your street name…so my soap opera name is Kay Sterling. So what if say Elizabeth Beatrice Connor lived on Tootin Hills Road? Bea Tootin? Just a thought…
    And BTW, your drag name (in case you need to start a new career) is the name of your first pet plus your mother’s maiden name…Gerber Self, here. I’m thinking I better stick to my day job.

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