i’ve been blogged!!!

and one day i’ll figure out how to imbed links in some words like (click here), but til then, here’s the link to the official blog of the Haim On Fire Contest, where all the submissions are featured:


 edited to add:

for all my readers (both of you):

haim is one of creators of etsy, and a rockin’ programmer.  when the site goes down, that image pops up with the comment: “don’t worry, haim’s working on it”.  there were some badbadno things that happened the end of last month, and we all saw more of haim than we really wanted.  so in celebration of the site running appropriately again, they’re having a contest using the haim on fire graphic.  ok? all on the same page? good.

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3 Comments on “i’ve been blogged!!!”

  1. o-no Says:

    ummm that IS a good thing….. right??!!

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    I’m quite confused…or maybe I’m just not hip enough to know what the heck this is all about. I can tell that o-no has no idea either. Don’t let her fool you.

  3. o-no Says:

    i got it…. cute……….!!!!

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