my 15 year high school reunion is coming up.  i don’t really wanna comment on the whole 15 year thing, other than it seems like just yesterday.  though i’m glad it’s not.  it was fun, and well, here i am.  and my hair is not as poofy.  and i have a lot less angst.

 good lord, it’s mother’s day weekend.  they’ve got festivities friday evening and saturday during the day and night.  we’re gonna do the saturday picnic lunch at Foote Park, but we’re not gonna stay for anything else.  i’ll get to see my buddy kathy, who is one of the very few people i keep in touch with.  she’s the whole reason we’re going….  if she can drive as far as she’s going to, i should shut up and go, too.  and i’ll show off the girls, cuz really, they’ll be the cutest little girls there (i can say that, because kathy has little boys, and they’ll be the cutest boys!) 

we’ll have to drive “home” again on Sunday, for mother’s day (back and forth, back and forth), but i’m sure after i stop blah blah blahing about oh-my-weekend’s-so-busy, and i’m-gonna-spend-mother’s-day-weekend-in-the-car, i’ll have a nice time.

and i’m sure after talking about the good old days i’ll be glad i went.  and i’ll be thinking about that 3 hour spiral perm.  if only for a second.

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One Comment on “reunited…”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    I’m still holding on to the angst. I snuggle it daily like a big stuffed teddy bear.

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