crafty crafty…

last night was supposed to be decoupage-a-palooza, but after a brief conference with hunny, we think we ate some kinda-bad-not-really-good fish, i went to bed to pray for death, and/or not to barf.  there was no barfing, but there was also no crafting.  today i had low expectations, and here i am on the couch, finishing up 2 perpetual calendars, and a stack of monograms.  the calendars need numbers, and the letters need to be sanded, but wow, i actually got something done!  go me!!!

 i also completed and submitted my entry into the “Don’t Worry, Haim’s Working on It” contest on etsy, to commemorate the Great Slowdown of April 2007.  i don’t think it’s a winner, the competition is awesome, but it makes me giggle when i walk by my diningroom table…haim on fire   here’s the link to the actual listing:

go see it, and all my other wonderful goodies!  and have a great night!

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2 Comments on “crafty crafty…”

  1. o-no Says:

    sort of like “leon can’t do everything”


    very cute!!!

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    YUCK – NO BARFING!!! And no more bad fish! Personally, I have vowed to do all in my power ro never barf again. I’m being completely serious…my very long wait at the ER was spent upside down just outside the doorway…not pretty. NEVER AGAIN.
    I hope you are feeling better.

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