ain’t we got good times?

yesterday morning hunny was banging around in the basement as i came downstairs with babycakes around 6:30.  i hollered a “is everything ok?”  knowing full well that he was down there shining a flashlight on something or poking the same spot on something mechanical over and over and over….  i expected a “yep, just checking,” cuz that’s what i always get.  then he’d come bounding up the stairs, black & decker flashlight in hand with an explanation.  an explanation i rarely care about.

 instead i hear a splash,  a slosh, and a “umm, no…”

6″ of water in our basement.  water everywhere. 

under water

as people who moved in to their new (to them) house quickly, with an 18 month old and the wife 9 months pregnant, we really didn’t do a good job of organizing the basement.  boxes here, boxes there, pile ’em up high enough so there’s a path to the washing machine, we’ll find what we need another day.

but, as people who are slightly neurotic, and worried about doomsday and what could happen to our stuff, very little was ruined.  a few odds n ends from easter (goodbye hello kitty easter basket *sniff*) easter 2006that were hastily removed from common living space were lost, my impressive stash of wrapping paper (birthday, elmo, christmas and just because), my even more impressive stash of gift bags (mostly baby girl themed– recycle much?? anyone?!) a few cheap wooden baskets, some frames…  and that’s really about it.  everything else was in plastic containers that did their job.  one failed, but it was full of bedding that i washed, and is good as new.

the halloween and christmas decorations, my 7th and 8th grade yearbooks,  pre-purchased christmas presents, all safe.  *phew*

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2 Comments on “ain’t we got good times?”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    GIRL! I’m gone for 3 weeks and you get all famous and get a blog and God knows what else!!!!! WHEW! Aren’t you the one?!?!?!?!
    I love your blog and I’m sorry about the flood and I hate egg salad. Can you believe they tried to serve me egg salad in the hospital one day? Get real.
    Hi to Hunny, Bean and Babycakes.
    And please move here where it isn’t so cold. I worry about you all.

  2. dapbim Says:

    Oh god, I hope you get it all dried out really soon! And yay for important things not getting ruined!

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