rainy sunday…

i ventured out to get a newspaper for me, and gas for hunny this a.m… it was raining, snowing, and sleeting at the same time.  cool. new england in mid-april.

i did clean my kitchen and iron and hung new curtains:clean kitchenawesome.

and i’m making beef barley baby bella mushroom onion soup in the crock pot there.

soup with too many ingredients to name…(this is without the barley, so i suppose it’s beef baby bella mushroom onion soup here.)  fantastic.

i’m freaking out a little about signing up for that craft show, i’m afraid i’ve gotten myself in too deep for the moment.  i’ve got stuff strewn all over the diningroom, just waiting in an assembly line, all in various states of completed-ness.  yikes.apr-10-11-12-13-046.jpg  but i’ll work on that tonight, and all in all, i’ll feel like it was a  successful day.  why don’t i feel that way any other day?

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