i mean it.

these 1/2 hour naps are b.s. 

babycakes won’t give me a break.  and there’s no reason.  no new teeth, no cold, just doesn’t feel like sleeping.  she’s tooling around in her jeep, squealing at various pieces of furniture that get in her way.  happy as a little clam… til i walk out of the room.  i just wanna get a diet coke and pee for eff’s sake!!!  take a  nap!!!!

nap?  i drool on your nap.nap.jpg


beanie had a fantastic easter.  the bunny brought her a basket with easter stickers, plastic sesame street figures, elmo eggs with m&ms, bubbles and a chocolate bunny.  she’s not too into candy, but she did enjoy the ears of the bunny for breakfast.  when we asked her if she enjoyed her day, she said “thank you easter bunny, (for) my basket!”  she played at big nanny’s with sid, titi, grammie, poppie, and uncles.  she was full-on all day.  so full on, in fact, that she is still exhausted today.  she laid on the couch with a pillow and blanket watching sesame street this morning, just chillin’.  she doesn’t even want food that takes too much work, she’s wanted cereal for breakfast and lunch so far today.  she’s going on hour 2 of her nap this afternoon.   the girls are so similar, and yet… wow.


so i was interupted from sitting and doing almost nothing by beanie waking up…  i hear her over the monitor talking about “my hat, my coat….” and i figure she’s thinking about going to play outside shortly.  when i go to get her, she has her blanket over her shoulders like a cloak, and her hop-hop on her head.  so clever, and so silly!

                     apr-09-005.jpg            apr-09-007.jpgcheese!

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3 Comments on “i mean it.”

  1. o-no Says:

    OMG!!!!! tooo cute!!!!!

    i do not understand babycakes…. cause o-no loves a nap!!!

  2. queenvanna Says:

    if she didn’t look so much like “one of our kind,” i’d be convinced she was switched at the hospital. we all love to sleep. becept baby cakes.

  3. […] you’ve met bunny before , and sheepie, he’s the new kid… and i was SMART with sheepie.  there were actually 2 sheepies.  were.  we lost one at the mall on Monday.  so we were down to 1 sheepie.  babycakes is much more of a “baby” than beanie ever was.  she flings her toys and binkies and climbs and scoots like crazy, and the thought of having only 1 sheepie scared me… what if THAT sheepie got tossed out of the stroller?  or hidden in the flap of the sunshade on the stroller and couldn’t be found while i was at work and hunny calls all frantic because the baby won’t go to sleep and he knows that he is with me where iamandchecktheparkinglotiknowyouhavehim,IKNOWYOUHAVEHIM!!!!!  (hunny, i’m looking at YOU. *blink* *blink*) […]

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