it’s not nostalgia, is it?

i’m not sure what it’s called….  i got a wild hair yesterday and decided to stop at the group home where i used to work.  used to work…  more than 2 years ago.  time just flies, flies, flies.  they’re on their 2nd manager since me, and it turns out the assistant (of about 12 years) is gone too.  the new manager said “well, she’ll tell you *her* story.”  yikes.  i’m dying to know her story!!  it was such a potential mess there, and i’m sure whatever happened wasnt pretty.  it never is.

the new manager made the comment “i know you, they talk about you all the time!” before i barely said my name.  that made me feel good, but *almost* made me miss being there.  i miss the clients, i miss a couple of the staff, but i don’t miss the b.s…. the call outs, the union reps, trying to keep staffing hours low, but taking care of the ladies as best i could.  ahhh…paperwork desk (circa late 2004, the paint choice was not mine, that was the manager before, i had too much going on to bother with changing the color… )

i couldn’t peek around too much, but a lot is still the same as i left it.  i worked so hard there, the manager before me was too ADD or something (just didn’t care), and i went through and pretty much re-did the house.  i’m no martha, but i made it a nice little place for mentally retarded mostly-elderly people to live.  bright, big, cheerful…  but the first things i thought were “someone needs to get the cobwebs out of the garage,” and “after 2 years, my picture bullitin board is *still* up!!


i’ve thought about what i’m gonna do when it’s time to go back to work.  i’m an awesome residential worker.  i’m a great assistant, i’m a kick-butt manager.  but it’s hard work.  unless you’re the boss, you work weekends and holidays.  when you are the boss, you’re there early and late.  *shrug* i’m not sure i wanna go back.  i don’t have to worry about it, but i sure do think about it from time to time.

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One Comment on “it’s not nostalgia, is it?”

  1. That is cool that even 2 yrs later, your reputation lives on, in a good way. It is true, you can’t go back home, er, to your old office, again.

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