2nd verse, same as the first!

we’re meeting my dear friend “roomie” today, to see her new 7 week old baby.  we’re taking a trip to the mall for lunch, roomie lives so far away, we’re meeting half way… so, do we go see the bunny again?  even though it’s probably a differently-styled bunny?  youbetcha!  at her age, i don’t think beanie will catch on, i think she’ll be overjoyed to see another enormous bunny!  and icecream for lunch!!  and roomie is a captive audience!!  what a great day to be 2!!


babycakes on the other hand… *ugh*… babycakes did not have the best night.  up at 1:00, had a bottle at 2:00, up at 5:00, had another 3/4 bottle, and up for the day at 6:00.  i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again (til yer ears bleed!!):  that baby is trying to kill me.  today i’ll have to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks, and she will be all stars and sunshine and sprinkles all day.  with a unicorn on top.  roomie won’t believe me. 

and she’ll get to sleep in the car. no fair.


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One Comment on “2nd verse, same as the first!”

  1. o-no Says:

    i was sooo very surpirsed the bean was not afraid of the oversized bunny!!!!

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