bunny love.jpgof course, my girls were angels, we got some awesome portraits, and all noses appeared dry for those few moments.  beanie shocked me by wanting to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap in center court at the mall.  this is the child that *insisted* Santa not come to our house this year, she didn’t care that he’d bring presents.  she tried to cut the line to get to the bunny.  she was happy and chatty with him, smiled for pictures, and tried to cut the line backwards to get back at him once we were done! happy little girls.jpg

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2 Comments on “expectations.”

  1. babylinda Says:

    Man my parents were Jehova’s witness I never got to shoot with a bunny 😦 wimpers* Lol @ cutting the line! how cute! haha

  2. heather Says:

    Very, very cute!!

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