why is it so easy?

why is it so easy to do everything but what i need to do.  i need to address 400+ postcards for the store, but here i sit… i’m on etsy, i’m on ebay, checking my email on cox, comcast, yahoo and aol.  babycakes is gonna have a lousy night, i just know it.  she’s so stuffy, and roll-y, she rolls on her belly, her nose fills, and she can’t get back over again…  *ugh*  tomorrow we’re doing beanie’s 2 yr portraits, and babycake’s 6 month portraits (only a month or so late…)  let’s hope we get at least 1 picture where everyone has a dry nose!!  we’ve gone all winter with NO sickness, and they both get sick the week we’re going for portraits.  yeah. mar_29_046.jpg

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One Comment on “why is it so easy?”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    I just took my munchkin’s 9 month pics. He’ll be 11 months in a week. You’re doing better that I am!!!!

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