don’t beg, its not pretty.

i do crafty things.  i have a crafty little job.  i’m a crafty lady.  i’ve also recently started to sell my crafty things on a crafty website.  wanna know what it is?  come see me at http:/  it’s a fun little place with all kinds of handmade items for sale in personal “shops”.  there’s jewelry, notecards, clothing… all kinds of things. 


it’s also a fun place to be with chatboards and rooms and treasuries and a blog– places to showcase your stuff, or the stuff of people you admire.  but the pleas for help in the forums is really starting to wear thin.  the cries of “help! i’ve been here 3 days and haven’t made a sale!!”  and “what’s wrong with my shop!?!?” irritate me so.  one day i’m gonna just pipe in with “This isn’t walmart, you’re not going to be selling thousands of dollars daily, RELAX! *geez!*” or “you’re stuff is CRAP!! *shutUP!*”

i sometimes get the feeling that people think they can just put any old crap out there and some sucker is going to buy it, just because it’s there.  i work very hard on my little crafty items, and there aren’t too many people that sell exactly what i do, so i do ok. (i could do much worse!)  (but i could do much better!)  i also know that my items are a low price point, so frequently they become impulse buys.  i find myself doing this, too.  say i buy a cute little trinket for 5 bucks, if i don’t like it, it’s no real loss.  but i’m hesitant to spring for something more than 10-20 smackers on a whim.  and i buy those things less often.  and i want the good stuff.  so have a good product, take better pictures, describe your item clearly, and play nice.  those things help.  please, etsiers.  please.

don’t be surprised that i don’t want your crap.

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One Comment on “don’t beg, its not pretty.”

  1. You are a talented queen! I will have to check that out,,,

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